Ormond Beach


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Ormond Beach is near everything in Central Florida. It is a community bisected by major arteries going everywhere, I-95 runs north to Maine & south to Miami. I-4 takes you west where you will travel through Orlando, the Magic Kingdom at Disney World, and on to Tampa. The community is separated by the Halifax River, which is the Intracoastal Waterway traveling the East Coast of the United States. Florida East Coast Railway runs trains through this area many times daily. Commercial light-industrial sites continue to be available along the railway system in Ormond Beach. Nearby in Daytona Beach you can connect to the world aboard one of the carrier’s servicing Daytona International Airport, just ten minutes from  downtown Ormond Beach. 20

The subtropical climate feels more tropical in the summer. With an average high temperature of 88 degrees during the summers, it can get rather warm. But the wonderful sea breeze effect and afternoon showers cool things down and make everyone more comfortable. A unique phenomenon, the sea breeze effect, takes the heat generated over land and mixes it with the cooler climate over the Atlantic Ocean to generate a cooling breeze over the peninsula and slightly inland. Actual temperatures in Ormond Beach can be several degrees cooler than in other Central Florida areas. 9

There is never a day without something to do in Ormond Beach. From parks to farmer’s markets to festivals, Ormond has a lot to offer everyone of all ages.